The reason for starting for your Freelance Website could be many of these:


  • Money
  • Fame
  • Sharing your knowledge
  • Social impact
  • Documenting your thoughts
  • Passive income
  • Free gadgets and stuff for review
  • Getting invited to conferences and bloggers meet

Do freelancers need a website?


The short answer – YES! You absolutely need a website. Professional profiles are important for attracting clients who are browsing for freelancers on those sites. But having a dedicated website for your freelance business is one of the most important things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

Why do you need a freelance website?


  • Promote your freelance services to more clients online.
  • Get recognized with smart design features to build your brand.
  • Save on fees charged by freelance platforms—set your own rates!
  • Help new clients find you on Google with automatic SEO.

7 Super advantages of having a website for a freelancer


  • Website Helps You To Create An Identity: …
  • Having Your Own Web Address: …
  • Building Your Own Brand: …
  • Getting A Bigger Exposure: …
  • Helps In Building Trust: …
  • Fetches You New Clients & Helps In Income Generation: …
  • Helps You To Build Your portfolio: